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Product Excellence Our Company and its products are almost closest & have set focused on every individual relative and need based industrials more above at highest in prompt renderings. Our products of HTs & LTs are well premeditated to use at every industrial levels bearing in mind of costs either Quality and undergo quality inspections at every level before they are considered that ready for market. We specially do test our VCBs, ACBs and other products with al...
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  • HT

    Vacuum Circuit Breaker A vacuum circuit breaker is such kind of c...
  • LT

    Air Circuit BreakerThe type of circuit breaker, which operates in air ...

Welcome to GES Switchgear

GES is the company which adopts the business of Supply spares & rendering its services for all kind of HT & LT Switchgears whereof it’s specially offers this category for EASUN, CROMPTON GREAVES, SIEMENS & SSG make MOCBs, BOCBs, VCBs, ACBs & OCBs. The Company and its Technical aspects are been integrated with the firm of M/s. MG- Italy (most & well known in & by all European Lands) as part of favouritism Policy.



Air Circuit Breaker, OIL CIRCUIT BREAKER
MCCB, EB Metering Panel Board


Vacuum Circuit Breaker, Minimum Oil Circuit Breaker
Bulk Oil Circuit Breaker, SF6 Circuit breakers


General Servicing, Annual Maintenance Contract
Transformer oil filtration, Testing


To globalize our services.

To be an Excellent and Efficient Organization almost in this field.

To be the best in the world wide industries.

To ensure dynamic networking systems for customer satisfaction.

To ensure speedy and need based responses.


A small team but the best people are here at GES with

high Qualifications and years of Experiences.


The team has been apparent by our principles for carrying out

our services related to their switchgear at every site.


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