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Dear Customer,

Retrofitting is just replacing the old with new and equivalent one for that. We the GES offer the retrofitting for all kind of existing LT & HTs i.e.

  •     For MOCB & SF6 with VCBs at HT side.
  •     For OCBs with compact and competitive ACBs at LT side.

Here we provide some details regarding retro-fitment

Product Details

The operation and performance of any switchgear is important to minimize the shut down period and this totally depends on:

  •     Need for maintenance.
  •     Frequency of maintenance.
  •     Over hauling.

This totally depends on the technology utilized. In the switchgear basically except circuit breaker all other components are stationary. The circuit breaker is only operated as and when required.

The maintenance of conventional circuit breaker i.e. ACB/BOCB/MOCB requires periodic maintenance/replacement of contacts, quenching medium such as oil and spares for operating mechanism. The frequency of maintenance of ACB/BOCB/MOCB is dependent on no.of short circuit operation and the switching applications.

In our country the installation of switchgears started with ACB/BOCB/MOCB and these arrangements are in service more than five decades. These switchgears need large amount of spares and since last few years the manufactures have gradually tapered off the production. This resulted in retrofitting of old ACB/BOCB/MOCB switchgear with VCB, which is the best alternative for the old installations. The main advantage of retrofitting is investment cost of upgrading is kept bare minimum besides less down time in the existing plant.



  •     The retrofit is simple and cost effective in implanting the new technology.
  •     It is cheaper and simpler alternative to enhance the life for the old installation whose service life in almost over or even surpassed.
  •     The benefits of modern technology viz., vacuum technology can be made available with minimum installation cost.
  •     The frequency of maintenance of breaker can be drastically reduced as VCB used in place of BOCB/MOCB.
  •     There is no need to store large quantity of costly spares of BOCB/MOCB which may not be available because its manufacturing has become obsolete.
  •     The shut down time required to retrofit the VCB is not more than 1 hour. Just removing the BOCB/MOCB truck from the panel and inserting the VCB into the panel.
  • No modification is required in the panel side while retrofitting the breaker unless on special case.



The following things has to be taken care of while retrofitting.

  •     Decide the current rating and fault level required.
  •     Matching the power isolation contacts.
  •     Confirming the interlock required as per current statutory requirement.
  •     Ensuring the rigidity of Bus/Jumper support for the required rated current/fault level.
  •     Ensuring the Vermin Proofing