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Transformer oil filtration

Transformer is one of the main asset in the electrical power industry which needs to be maintained for guaranteed uninterrupted power transmission in order to get assured revenue benefits.

Transformer life mainly depends on the quality of oil volume it contains.

Regular transformer oil filtration assures long and consistent results from the transformer.

Transformer oil purification is a process to remove sludge, dissolved moisture and dissolved gases from the oil. Transformer oil conditioning may also include to some extent improving the acidity of the oil. A good oil purification system is able to deliver filtered oil with parameters as per the standard specification.

However, this revival of the oil by oil filtration plant to standard oil parameters is based on the quality of unprocessed oil and its initial process. In case the unprocessed oil does not match the standard oil parameters, then the effort of transformer oil filtration is all in vain. Alternate method of regeneration of transformer oil should be adopted in this case.